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Don't let the snow slow you down!

Don't allow the harsh New York winters to keep you from getting where you need to go! Kravitz Landscaping has the equipment necessary to take care of all your winter weather needs. Avoid the hassle of doing it alone when you call the experts with over 10 years of experience for help!

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 •  Commercial snow removal

 •  Residential snow clearing

 •  Driveways

 •  Sidewalks

 •  Parking lots

 •  Sanding services

 •  FREE estimates

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When snow is keeping you from opening your office or causing danger around your home, you need it removed fast! We are committed to providing prompt, reliable and affordable service when you need it most!


Are you currently in need of help with warmer weather projects? We also provide landscaping, tree care and excavating services.

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Kravitz Landscaping offers quality, affordable help with outdoor projects during every season!